Special edition of Global Lecture Series will be streamed online from Friday, March 10! 【End of delivery】

February 24, 2023

Tokyo Metropolitan University has established the "Global Lecture Series" to cultivate a rich international sense and global perspective and to develop human resources who can play an active role in international society.

This special edition will feature online lectures by world-renowned university professors in the fields of politics and economy.

Registration is open for anyone.


【End of delivery】

1. Details of the Lectures

【Distribution starts on March 10】

Johns Hopkins University

Prof. Kent E. Calder


Urban Grassroots, Civic Leaders,
and the Global SDG Agenda





【Distribution starts on March 17】

Columbia University

Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs


Sustainable Development:
The Future We Want

2.How to watch

All lectures are available at home via PC, smartphone, or other devices on demand.

3.Delivery Period

March 10 ~ March 24, 2023

4.Registration Deadline

March 24, 2023


【End of delivery】